We know that when you travel across Andalucía visiting Granada is a must. However, this region has much more to offer, here the visitors will found towns and villages full of history, art, and traditions. So, get ready to enjoy this route in motorhome through the most beautiful towns in the region of Granada. There is life beyond the Alhambra!

Motorhome trip through Granada

  • Park and visit Castril by motorhome

We start this in Castril, since visiting it is out of the question. The town offers an imagene that mixes stone, line and tile, that could not be more beautiful. In its urban area you will be surrounded by an architecture that alludes to its Arab past. You have to visit Plaza del Cantón, and you cannot miss the trails that run through the canyon that was carved by the river. 

You can spend the night in the Orce Motorhome Are (45 minutes away from Castril), here you will find 10 parking spots, that allow for a maximum authorized stay of 72 hours, also be aware that deploying any camping element is forbiden. While you are making use of this motorhome are you can also visit the paleontological sites of Fuente Nueva, the Palace of Segura, and the Alcazaba of the Seven Towers.


37.71806   /   -2.48083
N 37º 43′ 05» / W 02º 28′ 51»

castril en autocaravana

  • Park and visit La Calahorra 

Within the Sierra Nevada Natural Park this town offers a door to Las Alpujarras. La Calahorra offers an image that is unmistakable, white houses on a mountainous hill, and a natural landscape that gives it even more personality. By wandering around you will see an architecture that is a mixture of several cultures and hints of the Middle Ages. Som eof the city gems include the church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, the hermitage of San Gregorio, La Ragua, and its emblematic castle.

You can spend the night in the Guadix Motorhome Area (20 minutes way from La Calahorra) which has 14 free parking slots, and amaximum authorized stay of 48 hours. By staying here you have the opportunity of visiting the cathedral, the palace of the Marquis of Peñaflor, the Arab fortress and the cave of San Pedro Poveda.


37.30361   /   -3.13361
N 37º 18′ 13» / W 03º 08′ 01»

la calahorra en autocaravana

  • Park and visit Montefrío

 In Montefrio they have one of the best panoramic views in the world, and that is already worth a visit. But, in addition to its impressive viewpoints, the town also has a fortress-castle, a 18th century church (Iglesian de la Encarnación) that is inspired by the Pantheon in Rome , the convent-church of San Antonio, the church of San Sebastián or the Casa de los Oficios. 

You can spend the night in the Motorhome Area of Huétor-Tajar (less than 30 minutes away), here you will find 10 free parking spots, and also you should know that water change is free for the clients of the gas station.


37.18611   /   -4.03972
N 37º 11′ 10» / W 04º 02′ 23»

montefrío en autocaravana

  • Park and visit Alhama

Nature has been generous to the town of Alhama, a municipality with landscapes of great ecological value and enormous biodiversity. It is true that the town has interesting man-made monuments, but perhaps the most important one is Los Tajos, a set of canyons and sandstone pits created by the erosion of the Alhama river. Nature aside, the city has an urban area classified as a historical complex, in which its three neighborhoods stand out on its own: La Joya (the most modern of the three), La Placeta (for leisure time), and Las Calles Bajas (of Arab origin). Here you can also find some gems like the Iglesia de la Encarnación, the Hospital de la Reina (Queen’s Hospital), the Wamba, the dungeons or the Devil’s stairs. Only two kilometres outside the municipality in the direction of Granada, you can find an Arab bath that is one of the best preserved examples from the Andalusian period.

The Granada Motorhome Area, which has 12 free parking slots, and a maximum authorized stay of 48 hours is perfect if you want to visit this town.


37.00528   /   -3.98722
N 37º 00′ 19» / W 03º 59′ 14»

alhama de granada en autocaravana

  • Park and visit Lanjarón

The city of Lanjarón is located in the middle of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park, and it is a synonym of medicinal waters, not in vain the municipality has numerous springs. In fact, one of its main tourist attractions is the Lanjarón spa. However, this city has much more to offer, in the so-called Hondillo neighborhood you will be surprised by the traditional architecture of La Alpujarra, beautiful gardens, and lush tree-line walks. Also you cannot miss the fantastic panoramic view of the Cañona viewpoint.

You can spend the night in the Tropic AC Camper Park (45 minutes away from Lanjarón) with 60 parking spots, and a rate of 10 euros (except for the months of July and August which it is of 12 euros), also you should know that the electricity has a price of 3 euros.


36.71972   /   -3.36444
N 36º 43′ 11» / W 03º 21′ 52»

lanjaron en autocaravana

  • Park and visit Órgiva

Órgiva is the capital of La Alpujarra, and its rich landscape is one of its greatest strengths, as it is located in the southern part of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park. But let’s begin our journey throughout the city be focusing on the urban area, specifically in the traditional Barrio Alto. In here you must visit the hermitage of San Sebastián, a simple construction of Visigoth origins which holds the resting place of the local patron, so don’t be fooled by its size or simplicity, because this place is a key element for the city. If you are looking for something less modest, you must take a look at the church of Nuestra Señora de la Expectación. High and powerful, it stands out for the decorations on its door and for regal façade of its twin towers. Since Órgiva is the capital of La Alpujarra, here you can find some exquisite examples of the traditional architecture, in the city centre you will see long arcades with smooth walls and straight ceilings. On the outskirts of the town you can see the remains of the 11th century castle, and the masion of the Molino de Benizalte.

You can spend the night in the Campsite of Órgiva, which it is a kilometer and a half from the center, opens all year round, and has a rate of 13 euros.


N 36.88758, W 3.41824
N 36°53’15», W 3°25’06»

orgiva en autocaravana

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