Andalucía is one of those regions that offer a unique blend of history, gastronomy, nature, and culture. And to no one’s surprise once you start discovering all that this part of Spain has to offer you will fall in love. So, for this reason, we wanted to share the best motorhome areas in Andalucía. So that once the mobility restrictions allow us, we can continue to enjoy the beauty of Andalucía with our motorhomes.


The province of Cádiz is one of our favourites, which is why we start with the motorhome area of Chipiona. A beautiful fishing village, that has one of the best monument legacies in the region. If you decide to stop in the area you will be able to visit the 17th-century castle, the church of Nuestra Señora de la O, or the chapel of Cristo de la Misericordia. However, if you ask any local about their biggest treasure, for sure they will tell you that it is their lighthouse.

To be able to discover this beautiful village and its surroundings, you can make use of the local motorhome area. Which has a total of 63 parking spots, and the overnight stay fee is 9.55 € per day, plus 3 euros for the water change.

GPS COORDINATES: N 36º 44′ 41» / W 06º 25′ 36»


The next stop in our journey is the locality of Ayamonte. A city bordering Portugal and situated on the banks of the Guadiana river. In here the visitor will be welcomed by the traditional white houses of the local fishermen, the ruins of a Roman castle, the 16th-century churches of Nuestra Señora de las Angustias and San Francisco, and the beautiful houses of the “indianos”.

The motorhome area of Ayamonte is the perfect alternative since it has a total of 27 parking spots, and a fee of 9.55 € per overnight stay, and 3€ per water change. One of the advantages of the area is its proximity to the city center and the fact that it is the perfect starting point for a day trip to the Natural Park of Doñana or la Sierra de Aracena.

GPS COORDINATES: N 37º 12′ 38» / W 07º 24′ 23»


When we visit the region of Granada it is easy to get caught in the beauty that Granada city offers and stop here. However, the region offers way more to the visitors that decide to explore the less known town and villages. A perfect example of this is the village of Alhama, which has been a well-known spot for its hot springs since Roman times. In addition to being able to enjoy its thermal baths, the visitor can enjoy the perfect blend of culture that has left their mark in this territory. From Romans, araba, and jews this little town of white houses has everything to enjoy a little getaway in the rural side of the region of Granada.

The best thing about this is the fact that Alhama has a motorhome area with a total of 12 parking spots, and it is free of use, with a maximum authorized stay is 48 hours.

GPS COORDINATES: N 37º 0-0′ 19» / W 03º 59′ 14′


If you want to enjoy some white sandy beaches and good weather all year round, the town of Almerimar is perfect. Located merely 3 km away from El Ejido, and one step away from the Natural Park of Punta Entinas-Sabinas. The visitor will be able to enjoy the calm environment of the city with the cultural, historical, and natural alternatives its surroundings offer.

If you finally decide to visit the city, you can use the motorhome area that is located in the port. The area has 40 parking slots and an overnight fee of 10 €, if you decide to include electricity and a water change the fee will be 15 € per day. If you want to make use of the area you need first to notify the control tower.

GPS COORDINATES: N 36º 41′ 51» / W 02º 47′ 37»


We end this first part of the best motorhome areas in Andalucía with the town of Vélez  Rubio. So, if you want to discover Almería and be able to enjoy some of its nature? Them Vélez Rubio is the best option. Located in the Natural Park of La Sierra de María, this village has been inhabited by several civilizations through the centuries. So among the hiking activities that you can carry out, we recommend visiting some of its archeological sites, and the castle of Los Fajardo.

The best way of discovering this village is by making use of the area that has a total of 5 spots, and a fee of 5€ per overnight stay. If you plan to visit the region during the first days of August, you should be aware that due to the “local fiestas” the motorhome area is occupied by the fairground workers.

GPS COORDINATES: N 37º 39′ 07» / W 02º 04′ 29»


In Vicente Velasco Insurance Brokerage we hope you enjoyed this post, and that you stay tune for the best motorhome areas in Andalucía (Part 2). Because we have 5 more areas to share with you. So, keep posted!

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