Carnival celebrations are synonym of bright colours, music, costumes, and a general happy feeling that fills up every little corner of the Spanish geography. Even though this years’ festivities were suspended, we still wanted to pay tribute to this celebration. As a result of this, we bring you the top 5 towns to enjoy the Spanish Carnival, so that at least you can get some ideas for future occasions. Get ready to discover Spain through its Carnivals!

1. Carnaval de Tenerife:

We start today’s list on a strong note, because Tenerife’s Carnival is been declared a Fiesta of International Tourist Interest, and there is no wonder why. The vibrant colours, loud music, and dance performance fill up the streets of the city for more than two weeks! Of course, the Carnival offers plenty of activities that you cannot miss, but we recommend the Coso parade, “Entierro de la Sardina” or “la Noche de las Comparsas”.

  • The motorhome area of La Guancha, which has a fee of 3€ per water changes. GPS COORDINATES: N 28º 22′ 27» / W 16º 39′ 02»
  • The motorhome area of Can Abades. GPS COORDINATES: N 28º 7′ 51″  /  28.13105                                                                                                                

2. Carnaval de Cádiz:

The next stop is also one of the most well-known Carnivals in Spain, and of course, it was going to appear in today’s post. Most of you may know this city Carnival thanks to its famous “chirigotas”, but this Fiesta of National Tourist Interest offers way more. With its peculiar mix of humour and music, we assure you that you are not going to be able to stop laughing. Additionally, Cádiz Carnival takes an extra point since, the weekend after the main events come to an end, the city celebrates its “Carnaval Chico”, a weekend were numerous music bands fill the squares of the city to say goodbye until the next year.

A perfect option for overnight stays in the city is the parking of Muelle Reina Sofia, which has a fee of 3€ per day (depending on the dates) and a maximum stay of 72 hours.

GPS COORDINATES: N 36º 32′ 15» / W 06º 17′ 24»

3. Carnaval de Madrid:

Madrid’s Carnival is a perfect mixture of the refinement of Venice’s Carnival and the picaresque of the Cadiz one. If in the future you end up visiting the city of Madrid during this time of the year, you cannot miss the Bufones parade, the “murgas and chirigotas” of the “Entierro de la Sardina”. Additionally, you must try the traditional “sardina de chocolate” a sweet made of chocolate, hazelnuts, and cinnamon.

Thankfully for you, Madrid has several alternatives. However, a good option is the free parking area of Valdebernardo.

GPS COORDINATES: N 40º 23′ 46» / W 03º 37′ 09»

4. Carnaval de Laza:

If you are in Galicia during the next Carnival, you might want to check up Laza’s Carnival. We have decided to include it in our list because it brings something different to the table. The celebrations of this small village in the province of Ourense, are full of ancient rites that you cannot miss. We particularly highlight the “Peliqueiros” as they are the main characters in the celebrations. With their peculiar costumes that can weigh up to 25 kg, they run throughout the streets of Laza whipping with their “zamarra” (whip) whoever dares to go out without a costume. So, if you end up going to Laza you better dress accordingly!

When visiting this side of the Spanish geography, you can make use of the following motorhome areas:

  • The area of Trasmiras (/approximately 40 min away from Laza, and has parking spots and its free of use. GPS COORDINATES: N 42º 01′ 10» / W 07º 36′ 31»
  • The area of Rióz (approximately 40 min away from Laza) has a total of 10 spots ad the user pays for the water and electricity consumed. Additionally, it has surveillance 24 hours. GPS COORDINATES: N 41º 58′ 57» / W 07º 17′ 08»

5. Carnaval de Solsona:

Our last city in our top 5 Spanish Carnival stands out because it parodies the festivals and traditions that this town celebrates throughout the year. A great example of this mocking behaviour is its “Gegants Bojos” which are paper-mache giants that dance to the beat of the music, or the “Colgada del burro” which of course is not celebrated with a real donkey.

If you want to celebrate Solsona’s Carnival we recommend you to make use of the camping Els Solsonés which has the option of sleep and go for 16 € during low season, and a water change fee of 3 €.

 GPS COORDINATES: N 41º 14′ 07» / E 01º 47′ 28»



We know that is hard to find a reason to enjoy and celebrate. However, in Vicente Velasco Insurance Brokerage we want to remind you that despite not being able to participate in this year festivities you can always get into the spirit of the Spanish Carnival by doing a small thing, like dressing up at home, cooking some traditional meals like “buñuelos”, or hopefully start planning next years Carnival getaway. So have fun and as always if you have some comments let us know!


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