The best motorhome areas in Asturias

We might be a little bit bias here, but if you visit Asturias we guarantee you that it will be love at first sight. Located on the shore of the Cantabrian Sea, its territory represents the perfect mixture of mountains, spectacular beaches and cliffs,  and villages full of color that seem to be frozen in […]

Motorhome getaway in the countryside

escapada rural en autocaravana

The noise and the stoppable rhythm of the city sometimes can be a little overwhelming. That is why making a cheeky motorhome getaway in the countryside can be the perfect option for those of us who need a little relaxation. Therefore, today we bring you the top ten villages of the contest Capital del Turismo […]

Maintenance tips for motorhomes which are going to be idle for a long time

consejos para la autocaravana si va a estar parada mucho tiempo durante el invierno

If you prefer to leave the adventures with your home on wheels for the sunny summer days, this post is for you. Because even though the RV maintenance is similar in some ways to our car, our motorhomes require a few extra steps. Therefore, if you want to keep it in the best possible shape, […]

7 campings for the fall season

campings para el otoño

Who said that we should only enjoy campings during the summer, was awfully wrong. Since the fall is one of the best seasons to enjoy nature and outdoor activities. Therefore, take a blanket and get ready to enjoy amazing landscapes and wonderful gastronomy with these incredible 7 campings for the fall.

The most beautiful villages to discover Sevilla by motorhome

sevilla en autocaravana

As the song says Sevilla has a special color, and we couldn’t agree more. However, for those of you that have only explored the capital of this region, today we bring you the best cities and villages to discover the region of Sevilla by motorhome. So what are you waiting, start packing because after this […]

The best motorhome areas in the Cantábrico

areas de autocaravanas en el cantabrico

Spectacular cliffs and sheltered beaches that are surrounded by the wild nature of its mountains, this and much more is what the visitor can expect when traveling across the Cantábrico. Therefore, when traveling across the Northern regions of Spain we advocate for a more relaxed approach. To do so we propose you the best motorhome […]

5 villages to get lost this autumn with your motorhome

Autumn is a magical season, the trees are filled with ocher and reddish colors, the wind starts to blow a little more, and there is nothing better than a warm cup of coffee to enjoy the coziness of this new weather. Throughout these months some places get a special charm, so get ready to discover […]

Route through the most beautiful towns of Granada

We know that when you travel across Andalucía visiting Granada is a must. However, this region has much more to offer, here the visitors will found towns and villages full of history, art, and traditions. So, get ready to enjoy this route in motorhome through the most beautiful towns in the region of Granada. There […]

The best campsites in the Costa Brava for motorhomes

campings en la costa brava para autocaravanas

If you are looking for spectacular nature, beautiful towns, magical beaches, and a large number of services for motorhome and caravan owners the Costa Brava of Spain was made for you. In this post, we will tell you which are the best campsites to enjoy this sunny part of Spain with your home on wheels.