Whether you are new to the motorhome scene or have been behind the wheel for years, it never hurts to remember the current regulations. This way we will avoid unpleasant surprises. So, in this post, we are going to explain the most frequent fines and how to avoid them. So, you better start taking notes!

Parking versus Camping

This is a classic, and you must know the difference between the two. So here it comes a very fast and easy explanation to understand everything.

If your motorhome/camper is stationary, the wheels are on the ground, the windows are closed and no elements are sticking out (no open doors, no windows, no awnings, etc…) then you are PARKED. If this is the case you can park almost everywhere and sleep inside (always without disturbing). However, if you have taken out a table and some chairs, you have opened the windows/doors, and you are eating some olives while enjoying the summer sun, then you are camping. The same goes if you are listening to music, running a generator, pouring fluids, or occupying some room than the designated parking area.


You need to be especially careful with this point. Because the interpretations that each municipality gives to this law vary greatly.

Parking and camping in protected areas

As you can imagine this is forbidden unless the place has specially designated areas. Please pay close attention to this, since the main reason behind this is to preserve the environment.

Speed limits

To avoid getting a fine for speeding up, we leave you this chart about the different motorhome speed limits.

If you want more information do not forget to check the official web of the DGT.

Other summer fines

Every year we remind you of the most common fines during the summer months, and this year it wasn’t going to be an exception. So, if you want to avoid trouble remember that it is forbidden to eat and drink while driving, wearing flip-flops is a big no no, as well as driving without a shirt, or even sticking your elbow out of the window.

El codo por fuera de la ventana es multable

If after all of this you wtill get a fine, what should you do?

  • The first thing is to ask what infraction have you committed.
  • Second, look for any possible witnesses
  • Third, take photos of other vehicles in the area, or the signs that only prohibit camping.
  • Fourth, notify your insurance brokerage as soon as possible, since they will be able to guide you.

If you are thinking of hitting the road and enjoying an adventure in your motorhome, do not hesitate to contact us, to offer you the best motorhome insurance and at the best price.

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